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Nerdiest IVF fundraiser ever: Neil Gaiman, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Firefly. NERD BAKE SALE kinda! [13 Oct 2013|12:51pm]
Please excuse this fundraising post if it's not your kinda thing.  Thank you & apologies!

Please donate to our IVF fund and be entered to win all of the above fantastically nerdy loot! You see, I have cool stuff.  I mean, I'm a nerd.  A big literary librarian nerd.  A big nerd who once had a more disposable income. The total monetary value of this raffle collection is approximately $250, but even $5 will get you up to 4 chances to win -- By Grabthar's Hammer, what a savings. Since almost all items are new, even if they aren't your thing, maybe someone on your gift-buying-list is a big nerd who would die and go to heaven if they could have that ThinkGeek Jayne hat from Firefly...

For more information and pictures, you can read the whole post at my regular old blog, WeeHermione. :) Or, if that's all the info you need, consider the following:

$5 donation = 2 chances to win (3 if you link to a Tweet/FB sharing this post, 4 if you post to Twitter & FB)
$10 donation = 6 chances to win (7 if you Tweet/FB; 8 if you do both)
$15 donation = 10 chances to win (11 if you Tweet/FB; 13 if you do both)

If you share a link to this IVF fundraiser raffle blog post on Twitter or Facebook, email me a link to the Tweet or Facebook post in the payment comments & you'll get an additional free entry to two tacked on for each share :) You can easily RT this Tweet!

To donate, send PayPal to hayley.deroche@gmail.com. Due to the cost of shipping books overseas, I can only ship within the US (unless you want to work something out!) :(  The donation fundraiser will close on Tuesday October 22nd, and will ship on the 23rd to the lucky winner, drawn at random via www.random.org.  (I'll be putting all entries/email addresses into a numbered spreadsheet.)

And now back to your regularly-scheduled flist.  :)
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