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We heard that rice expands, exploding pigeons,

so, we mixed some rice and glitter and held hands in the park.

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Jollification for weeks on end
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artfuldodger: [ahrt-fuhl doj-er]
- noun

1. A simple wee tattooed library and information science grad student (currently employed in a tiny academic library)

2. Young adult literature enthusiast (woo, YALSA)

3. Was both a PostSecret intern and a Blackbird intern during undergrad years

4. Ravenclaw


6. Brewer of tea in times of trouble

7. Homeschooled in Pennsylvania up until high school

8. ...sometimes a bit of a snob

My idea of a grand day involves any sort of wandering adventure, proper tea, and perhaps some cello music. A more typical day involves helping people research, and browsing Amazon (a legitimate part of my job omg omg squee).

My career goals mostly involve copious amounts of tweed and pipes.

Journal header art by Mel Kadel

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